John J. Hainkel, Jr. Home & Rehabilitation Center

In 1891 a group of women, met to consider establishing a Home for handicapped and disabled individuals in New Orleans. In 1892 the property that is now 612 Henry Clay Avenue was purchased and a lovely Center Hall Cottage was constructed. Initially the facility housed only women, but by 1906 a children’s wing was constructed, followed by a men’s wing in 1913. In the mid 1970’s the current more modern building was constructed.

The Home is currently licensed and operates as a Long Term Care Skilled Nursing Facility which serves a population who needs total care and an Adult Day Health Care which serves the day needs of those individuals whose family members are caring for them at home and need assistance during the day for loved ones with various old age illness and various forms of dementia. From inception until 1979, the all female board of The New Orleans Home for the Incurables was directly responsible for the ownership and operation of the Home, employing licensed professionals as staff. Then the facility was sold to and run by the State of Louisiana until April 2011 when the Board leased the facility back from the state and is again responsible for the operation of the Home which is now the Hainkel Home. It is currently run as a non for profit privately run facility and has much support from the community and is affiliated with Ochsner Health Systems and LSU Medical School we work closely with Loyola School of Music.

When New Orleans' intense summer weather hits, it's important for everyone, especially seniors, to stay hydrated. If you're going to be indoors most of the day, 64oz of water a day should be sufficient, but if you're taking medications, you may want to drink more. If you're spending the day outdoors, sweating will dehydrate you much faster than normal. A good rule of thumb: drink a few sips every 15 minutes, and remember that all other liquids do not hydrate you as well as water does. Drink as soon as you feel thirsty as that is the first sign of dehydration.

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